Adelni Pet - New Website Launch

Welcome to Adelni Pet - Your Social Pet Network!

Today, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our brand new mobile-friendly website/platform: Adelni PetTM – Your Social Pet Network!

Please check it out: 

Our goal with this awesome platform is to provide pet lovers and owners, pet professionals, pet businesses and non-profit pet organizations with a user-friendly way to share their pet stories, activities, pictures, videos, businesses, services, products etc. and connect with each other locally, as well as globally.


Below is an extensive list of features that our Social Pet Community offers:

  • Responsive and Mobile-friendly Pet community site and layout (optimized to adapt to any screen size right down to smartphones).
  • Multi-language Pet Platform (More than 30 Languages will gradually be made available).
  • Facebook Connect (Join and login using Facebook accounts).
  • Native Pet iOS and Android Apps.
  • Pet Audio/Video Chat (Audio/Video Chat rooms for pet lovers: Discuss anything pet-related with other pet lovers).
  • Powerful Security Layer with world-class protection tools.
  • SPAM Protection.
  • Advanced Social Profiles for you and your pets (Pet owners can create profiles of their pets).
  • Pet Profile and Content Privacy.
  • Pet Avatar.
  • Pet Profile Customiser.
  • Pet Timeline and Outline.
  • Share media (files, photos, videos, sounds) of your pets.
  • Pet Likes.
  • Friend connections (Find new friends from all over the world with similar pet interests).
  • Discuss related topics with other pet owners.
  • Huge list of Pet Breeds organized into various categories (Dogs, Cats, Horses, etc.). You can drill down by both Categories and Breeds.
  • Pet Adoption (Pets can be flagged as available for Adoption).
  • Lost Pet Notices (Members can create a Notice for Pets that are lost).
  • Pet Search functionality to allow searching by Keyword, Category, Pet Type, Pet Breed.
  • Photo Gallery of the Pet.
  • Video Gallery of the Pet.
  • File Gallery of the Pet (e.g : vet inspection documents etc.).
  • Sounds/Audio Gallery (Ability to upload a Sound - This can be used to post amusing sounds made by the Pet).
  • Ability to embed multiple Youtube videos.
  • Pet Commenting and Feedback System.
  • Pet Rating/Voting System.
  • Pet Polling System.
  • Pet Location (Ability to input the location of the Pet. The location is then displayed on a Google Map - with street views).
  • World Map (Browse site members and published content: Pet services and products on the world map, with grouping and zooming).
  • Site-wide and advanced Search System.
  • ZIP Code Search.
  • Private Messages and Messenger.
  • Account and Profile Page (Blocks on the Profile and Member Account pages to display member's Pets).
  • Featured Members.
  • Homepage Display (Block on the Index page to display pets by latest added, featured, random).
  • Featured Pets.
  • Pet Shoutbox.
  • Pet Forums.
  • Pet Groups.
  • Pet Blogs (Members and Pets can have their own Blog. Personal blogs with individual categories, rich-text posting, photos and social features).
  • Pet Care Resources and Articles System (It will allow pet lovers and owner to write/post pet-related articles).
  • Pet News System (pet lovers and owner to write/post pet-related news).
  • Global and Local Pet Events Calendar (pet shows, expos, costume parades, fundraisings, adoption events etc.).
  • Global and Local Pet Business Directory/Listings (Find pet-friendly businesses near you or promote your pet business:  veterinary clinics, pet stores/shops, pet sitters and kennels, dog and cat trainers, Pet Rescue and Adoption etc. Drill-down by location: country=>state=>city).
  • Global and Local Pet Classified Ads (Find pet-friendly services & products near you or promote your pet services or products:  pet supplies & accessories, pets wanted, pets for sale, pet care etc. Drill-down by location: country=>state=>city).
  • Global and Local Pet Deal Finder (Members will list fantastic deals that they found in local pet stores or on pet Websites).
  • Pet Swap Shop (A marketplace where you members can swap and trade with like-minded people both locally and nationwide).
  • Give Aways System (It allows members to Give and Get free pet stuff. There are lots of items that people are willing to give away for FREE instead of putting them out in the garbage).
  • Pet Advertisement System (A Facebook-like Advertising system. Pet lovers and owners, pet professionals, pet businesses and non-profit pet organizations can publish Ads to targeted Audience. Targeting options are: Language, Gender, Couple, Age, Membership Level, Pet Breed, Location: Country, State, City etc.).

And many more… We will not be able to list all the features here, as we are constantly adding new ones. Yes, all these features on a single system.

Join the Adelni Pet Network Today!

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We wish you a pleasant and worthwhile experience on our new, feature-rich platform. Enjoy!

Adelni Pet,

Your Social Pet Network!

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